Justin van Dijk

Born on January 30, 1994 in Naaldwijk, Zuid-Holland.

As young as he was, already interested in films and everything that goes with it. At the age of 6 he already knew that he wanted to be an actor. Because of this he ended up at a local theater school. Through this training he got a role as one of the Blues Brothers in the musical 'De kromme jongens in 2007.

After this debut, it remained silent for a while, and after graduating from secondary school, he decided he did not want to stand in front of the cameras, but behind it. He chose the Audiovisual Production course at the Graphic Lyceum in Rotterdam and graduated in 2014.

London Film Academy

During this four-year course, Justin did an internship at Crossmarkpictures for 6 months and at the London Film Academy for 4 months. At the London Film Academy he worked on the technical department. He has been busy with lighting and he has worked on a few short films as 'gaffer'.

After the London Film Academy his career got an international boost. While collaborating on various productions as a lighting assistant, people soon realized that he should work in front of the camera. In the short film 'Les Touristes' he was offered a small role and in the feature film 'We Are Tourists' Justin was approached with the question if he would like to shift his career back to acting.


Justin is always busy to continue his career both in the Netherlands and abroad since 2014. Justin flew for the first time to the USA to participate in iPOP in 2016. And 24 Casting agencies and Management agencies (based in LA and New York) were interested to sign him as soon as he has his Visa. 2 months later he flew back to LA to take a 5 week course at the Sanford Meisner Center in Hollywood. Ranjiv Perera was his teacher.

1 month later he received a nomination for 'best actor' for his performance in the film 'Riding South'.

That same year Justin went to Germany to work on the film 'Fingard'. It is directed by the American director Ethan Turbek and is a pilot for a promising new series. The film will be released in 2018

Once shooting for the film 'Fingard' was done, Justin went to the USA again. This time for 3 months. He studied the Adler technique at the Stella Adler Academy (Hollywood), The Chubbuck Technique at the Ivana Chubbuckstudio (Hollywood) and he did voice acting and voice overs at Kamelson & Kamelson (Burbank).


During his 3rd visit to the USA he was given the lead in a new NETFLIX series 'Drug lords'. The series will be released in 2018 and Justin will play the lead role of Klaas Bruinsma in episode 8.

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